Our recent and most successful work

A snap shot of our most favourite and successful campaigns and other projects.

Ithiry - Revolutionizing and Relaunching a Product for Maximum

When Sadaharitha, a longstanding client, sought to transition their loyalty card program into a digital platform, they entrusted us with a wide-ranging mandate. We embarked on a transformative 4-year journey, commencing with a complete brand overhaul. Our team meticulously prepared business, development, and advertising plans to introduce a ground-breaking mobile app. This app not only enhanced customer value but also emerged as a game-changing revenue stream for the company.

ICC - Pioneering New Market Penetration in Construction and Engineering

International Construction Consortium (ICC) is a formidable force in the construction and engineering industry, renowned for its innovation and seasoned professionals. As they set their sights on establishing a global presence, ICC sought a campaign that would reach untapped markets, generating inquiries and guiding decision-makers in their international business expansions.

Embrace - Propelling a Visionary Book to International Prominence

EMBRACE, a visionary book released just before the AI revolution went public, required a platform that matched its ground-breaking nature. With pride, we took on the challenge of creating a custom-designed website to showcase this one-of-a-kind book, along with a strategic global advertising campaign. Our efforts led to EMBRACE becoming a top pick on Amazon.com.

Medilife360 - A Journey from Concept to Global Success

Medilife360, a revolutionary health and wellness mobile app, was brought to life through our partnership with Real Time Medical, Canada. We transformed a compelling product concept, backed by global research, into a comprehensive app solution. Our in-house team managed every aspect of the project, from concept to app design, development, and we are about to launch a successful global advertising campaign.

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