How many people do you think
save your visiting card details?

How many customers do you think really visit your website or social media looking at the visiting card?

How much does it cost annually to print business cards for the Sales & Marketing team?

How many Business Card holders do you have?





Great business begins with
a great first impression

The Virtual Business Card by WizzConnect, allows you
to instantly share who you are, with anyone, wherever
you go!

Physical business cards are
becoming obsolete. They are
often misplaced, thrown away,
or forgotten in a drawer

The Virtual Business Card not only provides greater room for creativity and personalization but also enables the inclusion of interactive elements like clickable links, videos, and augmented reality.

Stand out with a Virtual Business Card. ItÎs COVID and everything safe, secure, environmentally friendly and a real talking point with customers.

Supports any smartphone device.

Improve your

It is estimated that most companies spend on average Rs. 26,000 per Sales Personal, per year, on marketing collateral and business cards.

Calculate your company’s savings and environmental impact once you make the upgrade from paper to the Virtual Business Card.

Make a

Great First

Elevate your professional image with a Virtual Business Card that sets you apart. Create your own digital business card that reflect your unique brand by adding your headshot, logo, and modern design templates, plus customized actions and more.

With a personalized Virtual Business Card, you'll leave a lasting impression and make connections that count.

Supports any smartphone device.

Why should
you switch to

Virtual Business Card

Convenient, eco-friendly, cost-effective, customizable, and can give a professional impression, making them an attractive option over traditional paper cards.

It is ideal for Individuals & Businesses

Individuals and enterprises alike can use the Virtual Business Card to enhance their personal experiences, or to get their entire team or company on board.

These companies love using the Virtual Business Card



As dynamic
as you are

Here are some of the standard features of the WizzConnect Virtual Business Card. We can add more mods based on your requirement.

Share your card
with anyone,

How you share your Virtual Business Card is upto you. Use any of the following two methods to share your Virtual Business Card.

Using any Messaging Platform

Using your Work/Personal E-mail

More Magic, coming soon!

We are in the process of integrating the following ground-breaking features to the Virtual Business Card to grow your network and business.

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CRM Integration

Icon Image

One Touch Brochure

Icon Image

Personal Introduction Video

Icon Image

One Touch Sales Solution

Icon Image

Tracking & Analytics

let’s get you started. It’s very simple!

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Send us an email or give us a call. Select the package of your choice and share your details with us.

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Give us a few days. We will design, code and finalize all the VBCs for your staff and send it across to you.

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Once you have the VBCs, just start sharing. Share your contact information through any messaging platform or e-mail.



Choose the plan that works for you or your team/business. If you have any questions, email us at


upgrade your networking

with the Virtual Business Card today!

Supports any smartphone device.

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